SpongeBob and Patrick
SpongeBob and Patrick title card
Other Names Bob Esponja y Patricio (Spanish, Latin America)
Suponjibobu to Patorikku (Japanese)
Svampbob och Patrick (Swedish)
SpongeBob en Patrick (Dutch)
SvampeBob og Patrick (Danish)
Season 1
Episode 1
Story Shamm2001
Writer Shamm2001
Title Cards Shamm2001
Released December 27, 2014
Next Finding a Job
SpongeBob and Patrick is the 1st episode of the series, in this episode, Seth and Caleb meet SpongeBob and Patrick.


Plot SummaryEdit

Seth and Caleb discover a large hole in their woods that looks like it has no end, sounds of water is coming from the hole. Suddenly, a strange pull is coming from it. The two are able to withstand but the pull becomes greater and they are eventually sucked in.

The two find themselves floating through a narrow tunnel. Eventually, they come out in an ocean like area. Also, they CAN'T BREATHE.

The two run, gasping for air until they bump into two colorful characters. All four of them fall flat on their backs.

The square yellow character realizes what they need and they give them spacesuit-like suits with oxygen tanks in them. Once the two get their suits on, they can breathe.

Seth and Caleb thank them for saving them from drowning and then ask who they are. The square yellow character says "I'm SpongeBob SquarePants, and this is my friend, Patrick Star."

Seth and Caleb explain to SpongeBob and Patrick what happened. This puzzled their new friends, but they moved on. When the two don't know how they can get back, Seth and Caleb realize that if they're going to live here, they're going to need a place to stay.

SpongeBob volunteers to let them stay with him until they can afford a home.


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