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Birthday January 16
Position Creator
Animator (of title cards and gallery photos)
Occupation(s) Animator
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Shamm2001 (aka Shamm) is the creator of Welcome to Bikini Bottom! and the wiki.


Episode No. Name Position
SpongeBob and Patrick 1 Story / Writer / Title Card
Finding a Job 2 Story / Writer / Title Card
Waiter at the Krusty Krab 3 Story / Writer / Title Card
Boating School 4 Story / Director / Title Card
Building a Home 5 Story / Director / Title Card
The Welcome to Bikini Bottom! Movie movie Story / Director / Writer
Seth and Caleb's House Party 6 Story / Title Card
Halloween 7 Story / Title Card
Plankton! 8 Story / Title Card
Sleepover 9 Story / Title Card
Thanksgiving 10 Story / Title Card
Club SpongeBob 11 Story
The Penny-less 12 Story
Mrs. Puff's Birthday 13 Story
Patrick's Poem 14 Story
Christmas 15 Story
It's A New Year! 16 Story
Goo Lagoon 17 Story
A Good Noodle 18 Story
Jailtime 19 Story
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 20 Story
Singers! 21 Story
The Krabby Supreme 22 Story
Valentine's Day 23


Glove World 24 Story
Pin the Tail on Patrick 25 Story
Mad Worm Disease 26 Story
Patrick and the Sea Monster 27 Story
The Boat Driving Test 28 Story
Summer in Bikini Bottom 29 Story
Welcome to Rock Bottom! 30 Story