I'll have...uhhhhhhhh.....
— Patrick Star - Waiter at the Krusty Krab
Patrick Star
Patrick Star
General information
Residence: 120 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: Jellyfishing
Sleeping (sometimes)
Doing nothing
Annoying Squidward
Occupation(s): (currently unemployed)
Chum Bucket advertising director ("Chum Bucket Supreme")
"Doctor" ("Suds" and "The Splinter")
Chum Bucket fry cook ("The Fry Cook Games")
Inventor ("Chimps Ahoy")
Krusty Krab advertiser ("No Hat for Pat" and "The Good Krabby Name")
Spy agent ("Spy Buddies")
Landlord ("New Fish in Town")
Security Guard ("Truth or Square")
King of Bikini Bottom ("Rule of Dumb") (but is later not true heir)
Hero (In various episodes)
Nurse ("Plankton Pays")
Krusty Krab worker ("Big Pink Loser")
Glove World mascot ("Glove World R.I.P.")
Education: Mrs. Puff's Boating School ("New Student Starfish" and "Driven to Tears")
Middle School (Revealed in "The Chaperone")<br?Community College (Revealed in "The Bully")
Awards: For Doing Nothing Longer Than Anyone Else Award
Dance Club Wrestling Champion
Aliases: Patricia
The Elastic Waistband
King Patrick
Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick
Patrick SquarePants
The Pink Patty
Brubber (by Sam)
Pat (by SpongeBob)
Mr. Superawesomeness
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Coral Pink (with red dots an outlines)
Eye color: Black
Classification: Starfish
1/16 Ameoba
Spouse: A Pole
Siblings: Samantha "Sam" Star
Parents: Herb Star
Margie Star
Grandparents: Billy Bob Star (grandfather)
Maw Tucket (grandmother)
Yorick (great-grandfather)
Princess Tulsa (great-grandmother)
King Ameoba (great-great-grandfather
Queen Mildew (great-great-grandmother)
Uncles: Sluggo
Cletus Star (grand uncle)
Prince Callous (great-grand uncle)
Prince Dingus (great-grand uncle by marriage)
Patrick Revere (great-great grand uncle)
Cousins: Ed Star
Carl (1st cousin)
Ancestors: Primitive Star
Pecos Patrick
Prehistoric Gary (possibly)
Descendants: Patron
Friends: SpongeBob SquarePants
Mr. Krabs
Seth Hamm
Caleb Hamm
Pet(s): Gary (less than a day)
Employer: Eugene Krabs (formerly)
Sheldon Plankton (formerly)
Enemies: Plankton
Squidward Tentacles (one sided)
Series information
List of characters

Patrick Star is SpongeBob, Caleb, and Seth's best friend.


Patrick's portrayal is pleasant, overweight, lazy, unmannerly, unintelligent, and generally ignorant. He lives on 120 Conch Street. He has no nose. He wears no shirt or shoes and just wears green shorts with purple flowers on them.


  • Waiter at the Krusty Krab
    • Squidward: [uninterested] What would like, Patrick?
    • Patrick: [continues talking to Caleb]
    • Squidward: Patrick.
    • Patrick: [continues talking to Caleb]
    • Squidward: PATRICK!
    • Patrick: Hi, Squidward!
    • Squidward: What would you like, Patrick?
    • Patrick: [drooling] Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........
    • Squidward: Are you just going to sit here and hold up the line [camera pans to beside Patrick and Caleb showing a long line of customers that goes all the way to the front dor] or are you going to order?
    • Patrick: I'll have...uhhhhhhhh.....
    • Squidward: PATRICK!
    • Patrick: Okay, okay! Don't rush me!